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Whether it is with an individual placement or by providing full-service support through our comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing or managed service provider services, we are dedicated to getting you the right person every time.

Project Based Contract Staffing

Project work is essential to the growth of your business.  By directly managing a core group of experts and augmenting your projects with “project by project” specialists you are able to dramatically increase your competencies while at the same time reducing year over year human capital spending.  Ask us how!

Staffing of Temporary Roles

Whether you have an unexpected increase in business activity, need to fill a temporary vacancy, or require candidates with specialized knowledge to complete a special project. Partner Staffing offers recruitment, evaluation, screening, interviewing and placement services to meet your needs. 


Concentrate on your core business! Outsource payroll and reduce the associated costs and burdens. We will take care of payroll administration, tax reporting, handle Workers’ Compensation, unemployment, provincial and federal taxes, insurance deductions and W-2 issues. It’s that simple! 

Executive Staffing

Our executive recruitment process involves an extensive engagement process whereby we target, screen and recruit specific candidates with a laser-like focus.  We pay an increased amount of intention of matching the long term goals of both the candidates and the clients ensuring best fit for years to come! 

Our Service Divisions

Looking for full service support with developing a world-class team?

By taking the time to thoroughly understanding your business, we are able to design proactive, comprehensive staffing and recruiting strategies to help you:

  • Efficiently access the best talent and make better hires
  • Complete mission-critical projects, and cost-effectively manage the highs and lows of your business
  • Increase employee retention, effectiveness and productivity
  • Control costs associated with overtime and ineffective recruiting
  • Streamline your staffing and HR functions

With our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, Partner takes ownership of all or part of your organization’s recruitment and selection processes that are transactional in nature – such as candidate research, sourcing, screening, testing and selection – optimizes them, and then seamlessly integrates them back into your hiring process.

Our Co-Sourcing service provides you with the benefits of outsourcing, while maintaining quality and control of your workforce. We integrate seamlessly within your organization, ensuring our performance standards and KPI’s are in line with yours. We are dedicated to providing operational efficiencies to your organization by providing contingent labor when you need it most.

With our comprehensive Managed Service Provider (MSP) service, we oversee all aspects of your contingent human capital. Partner acts as your managing vendor (think general contractor). We can use our own proprietary software or a 3rd party vendor and act as a single point of contact for companies dealing with multiple human capital vendors. By consolidating these services under MSP, there is a consistency in hiring requirements, bill rates, pre-screening, background checks, insurance coverage and contract compliance from department to department and between each of the vendors you work with.

Our Process



It starts with an in-house, in-depth analysis of your organisation; reviewing your culture, your challenges and your goals. This allows Partner’s recruitment experts to identify the candidates who best fit your corporate culture, will exceed your expectations and become key players in your organization for the long-term.


Extensive industry expertise, unparalleled sector-specific networks, cutting edge social media strategies and our unique online candidate attraction program, means we represent the top-tier talent you and your competitors both want—not just candidates actively in the job market.


Using myriad strategic recruitment approaches, we ensure that you receive expert advice on how to select from the shortlist of talented individuals we provide. The only challenging part of the process for you is deciding between exceptional candidates.


We mitigate the risk of staff attrition and increase the return on your investment, ensuring longevity and future growth of your most valuable asset—your employees. We maximize potential.