About Us

Commitment To The Client – Commitment To Quality

In December 2010 the members of Partner Staffing came together because we felt the staffing marketplace had lost a great deal of its professionalism over the last decade. It is our passion to not just talk about being a staffing partner but actually doing it. We are committed to setting expectations in advance and living up to those commitments.

In our business we have dedicated consultants who are specialized to work with and identify talent within a specific range of skills.  We do not use generalist individuals to identify complicated skill sets as many other staffing firms do.

If you want to talk about how we do business or the staffing industry, please contact us directly – we’re looking forward to helping you find the right people for your growing team!

WE LOOK EVERYWHERE-partner stuffing

We Look Everywhere

We look everywhere to help you find the right talent for your company. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, your firm has to be prepared to respond to absent personnel, under staffing and the dynamic nature of business.

We know that having the right people on your team affects your business’ ability to sustain solid growth, achieve its goals and to thrive in your industry. You can count on us to help you find just the right people for your organization! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet your company’s staffing needs by applying our in-depth, assessment process to find the most qualified professionals for your business.  We focus on finding the specific people who’ll help your company exceed objectives while keeping your staffing costs down.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the highest-quality customer service and treat our clients the way we want to be treated.

Our specialists work closely with you focusing on your goals, asking key questions and then compiling the details to determine exactly which candidate’s skills will be a perfect fit for your organization.

We employ only the most qualified Associates on our team who utilize our exclusive candidate/client assessment method to make sure you get the right person, every time.

Our Process

Because a candidate is more than the sum of their professional experiences, we look beyond the resume to evaluate each of our candidates to ensure they don’t just have the know-how for the job but also the soft skills to succeed in your environment.

At Partner Staffing, we understand that finding the right person isn’t just an important decision, it’s an investment you can’t afford to get wrong.